For access to hundreds of other scholarships, as well as the ability to do a scholarship search and sort, visit and build a portfolio to save your scholarship search.   Username is:  Lamanna;  Password is: Spartans.

Check on the website of the college you are applying to under their financial aid and/or scholarship link.  There are lots of opportunites available through each college for scholarships.  Most colleges require you to fill out the FAFSA in order to receive their scholarships.


This list will be continually updated.  If there is not a link or application on the list, then the updated version has not be released yet.  If you have any questions, contact the Counseling Office.


SOME OF THE LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP BELOW REQUIRE THE "COMMON APPLICATION".  You will only need to fill this out once.  Then print enough copies for each of your scholarships requiring this Common Application. Updated version will be available in January.



ANY TIME Armed Forces and Public Safety Officer Scholarship n/a
  • Be a graduate from an Idaho high school or equivalent 
  • Enroll in an approved Idaho school
  • Be a a child already born, or born after a military member or public officer is determined to be imprisoned or missing in action, or is killed or becomes totally and permanently disabled
        10th Prereg
APR Sarah Jones Scholarship (BASIC - Blanchard Area Seniors)  4/15
  • Must live in Blanchard
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 127, Blanchard, ID 83804
Sarah Jones
  Idaho Dept of Labor Workforce Investment Act 4/1
  • Must meet low income guidelines
  • $2000 if you complete a basic reading/math test in Sandpoint
  • Another $1000 if you complete a free online exam for food safety
  • Receiving state public assistance or being high risk increases your chances (see categories on application)
Dept of Labor WIA Application
  Idaho Community Foundation 4/1
  • Various scholarships
  • Mail completed application to: 210 W. State St., Boise, ID 83702
  • Attn: Elly Davis, Director of Donor Services
  • 208-342-3535
  Northern Lights Inc. 4/1
  • Scholarship based on:
  • GPA
  • School and community activities
  • Personal statement
  • Financial need
  IHSAA Interscholastic Star 4/1
  • Must be a high school junior who participated in at least one IHSAA sponsored sport and one IHSAA sponsored activity
Interscholastic Star
  Pend Oreille Order of Eastern Star #62 4/1
  • Mail completed application to address listed on the scholarship
Eastern Star
  Priest River Chamber of Commerce 4/1
  • Submit completed application to: PO Box 929, Priest River, ID 83856
Priest River Chamber of Commerce.doc
  Community Assistance League 4/10


  • There is no GPA requirement
  • Academic achievement 
  • Personal goals and motivation 
  • School and community involvement 
  • Financial need 
  • General appearance of scholarship application
  Bonner County 4-H Leaders Council 4/10
  • Must have completed at least four years of 4-H
  • Must be currently enrolled in the Bonner County 4-H program
Common Application plus Bonner County 4-H Leaders Cover
  Vietnam Veterans of America 4/10
  • Must be any type of family member of a Veteran, Active, Retired, or Reservist who has served or serving the U.S. military
  • Be pursuing an academic or vocational education program leading to a degree or certification
Common Application plus Vietnam Veteran's Cover
  Bonner County Sportsmen's Association 4/15
  • Bonner County residents who have completed a hunter safety course 
  • Graduating senior or returning student
  • Application must be handwritten if possible
Bonner County Sportsmen's
  Bizmark H. Turner Scholarship 4/10
  • Must have attended a High School in Bonner County
  • Financial need is considered most important
  • Scholastics and character also considered
  • Submit completed application to HS Counselor


Bizmark H. Turner


  Women Honoring Women 4/10
  • Inspires others
  • Demonstration dedicated leadership qualities 
  • Exhibits a love of life-long learning 
  • Achieves goals through collaboration 
  •  Faces life's challenges with grace and courage 
  • Lives with dignity, integrity and honor 
  • Acts as a positive role model to future generations 
  • Shows a commitment and positive impact to our county
Women Honoring Women
  Bonner General Health Nursing Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must be going into the field of nursing
  • 2.5 GPA or better
Common Application plus BGH Nursing Cover
  Darby & Amber Campbell Memorial Scholarship (Human Rights Taskforce) 4/10
  • Open to any Bonner County high school senior
  • $1000-$1500
  • Financial need considered
  • Write a essay on a human rights topic from a list supplied by the scholarship committee


Common Application plus Darby & Amber Campbell Cover
  Don McCormick Memorial Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must be intending to pursue a field in the health sciences
  • Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA
Common Application plus Don McCormick Cover
  Panida Theater Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must have an interest in pursuing a career or involvement in theater, film, music, or other aspects of the performing arts
  • Sincerity, creativity and integrity also considered
Common Application plus Panida Cover
  Sandpoint Junior Tackle / Dennis Hooper Memorial 4/10
  • Must have participated in Sandpoint Junior Tackle Football for at least three years and played high school football for four years (barring injuries)
Common Application plus Sandpoint Jr. Tackle Cover
  Rotary Club of Ponderay 4/10
  • Applicants must demonstrate Rotary values "Service Above Self" with an emphasis on community service and volunteerism
  • Vocational and Professional Technical Degrees will be prioritized
  • Individual circumstances, academics, recommendations, and financial need also considered
Common Application plus Rotary Club of Ponderay Cover
  Southside Elementary 4/10
  • Must have attended Southside Elementary in Sandpoint for at least 3 years
  • Essay quality, past service to Southside also considered
Common Application plus Southside Cover
  Eagles Lodge Aerie #589 Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship 4/10
  • Open to any Bonner County senior graduating this year and attending a post-secondary college, university, trade or professional technical school
  • Must be a post-secondary school located in the Pacific Northwest
Common Application plus Eagles Cover
  Angels Over Sandpoint / Lippi Family Scholarship 4/10
  • Overcoming personal obstacles
  • Financial need
  • References
Common Application plus Angels / Lippi Cover
  Veteran's of Foreign Wars, Post 2453 Sandpoint 4/10
  • Must be any type of family member of a Veteran, Active, Retired, or Reservist who has served or serving the U.S. military
  • Be pursuing an academic or vocational education program leading to a degree or certification
Common Application plus Veteran's of Foreign Wars Cover
  Women Honoring Women 4/10
  • Applicant must be continuing her educational goals
  • Must demonstrate Women Honoring Women qualities and values
Common Application plus Women Honoring Women Cover
  Angels Over Sandpoint / Community Service Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must have displayed acts of community service and leadership
Common Application plus Angels/Community Service Cover
  Angels Over Sandpoint / Festival at Sandpoint Arts Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must have a primary focus in the arts
  • Each year a different scholarship is offered (2015 Visual arts, 2016 Dance & Theater)
Common Application plus Angels/Festival Cover
  Festival of Sandpoint Music Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must be a high school instrumentalist (priority given to graduating seniors continuing their musical studies, but any age can apply)
  • Live audition required
Festival at Sandpoint 
  Marilyn Rinehart Scholarship 4/10
  • Applicant must be pursuing a career in the medical field pertaining to rehabilitation
Common Application plus Marilyn Rinehart Cover
  Selkirk Association of Realtors 4/10
  • Only children and grandchildren of Selkirk Association of Realtors members in Bonner and Boundary counties (including sponsors and affiliates) are eligible
Selkirk Assoc of Realtors

Mike Lamanna


  • Submit completed application to: Tony Lamanna; 734 E. River Rd., Priest River, ID 83856
Mike Lamanna
  American Public Works Association/Rocky Mountain Chapter 4/15
  • Applications are open to residents of Idaho, Montana or Wyoming who are either high school graduates or equivalent (G.E.D.)
  Buckle Up for Bobby 4/15
  • Be a current high school senior or college student.
  • Be between the ages of 17-25 years old.
  • Be accepted to attend an accredited higher education institution. (Submit copy of letter of acceptance with this application)
  • Submit proof of attendance for an “Alive At 25” Class
  • Submit an essay on Safe Driving/Passenger Habits.  
Buckle Up
  North Idaho Building Contractors Association Professonal Women in Business Council 4/15
  • Applicants, male or female, must be entering a building related field at an Idaho college
  Priest River Development Corp. 4/15
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 400, Priest River, ID 83856
PR Development
  Inland Power and Light Lineman Award 4/15
  • Must be an active member of Inland Power
Inland Power Apprenticeship
  Yount Daycare Center 4/15
  • Submit completed application to: PO Box 845, Priest River, ID 83856
  Inland Power and Light Excellence Award 4/15
  • Must be an active member of Inland Power
Inland Power
  Priest Lake Sportsman's Club 4/18
  • Must show interest in all forms of wildlife and should have an interest in hunting, fishing, tracking, trapping, etc and have an interest in the outdoors
PL Sportsman's
  McDonald's of Newport & Priest River 4/28
  • Two, $500 Scholarships
  • HS Senior enrolled at Newport or Priest River

McDonald's of Newport Scholarship 2017

Archway's to Opportunities



  Wild Horse Trail Chapter of DAR 4/30
  • Awarded to an outstanding young person in a senior class who demonstrates the qualities of a good citizen
Wild Horse Trail Daughters of the Revolution
  Idaho Forest Group 4/30
  • Student Must be a Dependent of a CURRENT Idaho Forest Group Employee
  • Submit completed application to: PO Box 220, Laclede, ID 83841
Idaho Forest Group
  Alvie C. Jeffres Memorial Scholarship 4/30
  • Financial need
  • Commitment to advance career at a higher level and achieve success through hard work and determination
  • Not based on grades or academic achievement
  • Mail completed application to: First Baptist Church, 1230 Michigan Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864
Alvie C. Jeffres
MAY Priest River Lions Club 5/1
  • Applicant must have demonstrated involvement and promotion of community events
  • Submit completed application to: PO Box 818, Priest River, ID 83856
Lions Club
  Priest River Lioness Club Community Service Scholarship 5/1
  • Applicant must have been involved with activities that benefit the community
  PR Lioness Club
  Kaniksu Lodge Nr. 97 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Idaho 5/1
  • Submit completed application to the counselors office
  • Include current photograph
  • Include essay that answers the question: "Why should I receive a scholarship", and include life goals
  Wade Egolf 5/1
  • An annual scholarship of $2000.00 to NIC
  • Scholarship is need based
  • A graduate of PRLHS
  • Enrolled at North Idaho College for Auto Mechanics, Diesel Mechanics, Carpentry or Welding (preference given to Welding)
  • Please include High School transcript with application 
Wade Egolf
  Beatrice Johnson Charitable Trust 5/1
  • The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0;
  • The applicant must establish financial need;
  • The applicant must demonstrate and show proof of school and community activity;
  • The student must plan to study business, business management, accounting, computer science, finance, or business education (an academic program).
Beatrice Johnson
  Glennard Johnson Charitable Trust 5/1
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Financial need
  • Proof of school and community activity
  • Submit application to HS Counselor
Glennard Johnson
  Idaho AGC Education Foundation 5/1
  • Students of career, technical and apprenticeship education programs that result in a skilled crafts certification
  Mary Lou & Robert Naccarato Scholastic and Activity Award 5/1
  • Mail completed application to: 268 3rd St., Priest River, ID 83856
  Priest River Wrestling Club 5/1
  • You must donate 10 hours of coaching time to a the little guy practices throughout your 4 year high school career
  • You must go to at least one tournament and help coach througout your 4 year high school career
  • Not required to be a PRWC member
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 171, Priest River, ID 83856
PR Wrestling Club
  Ranch Club Jr. Golf 5/1
  • Student must be a senior in high school
  • Student is or has been involved in the Ranch Club Jr. Golf program either as a student or coach for two years while attending school
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 430, Priest River, ID 83856
Ranch Club
  Rotary Club of Newport and Priest River 5/1
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 or better cumulative
  • Active member of the community
  • Financial need
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 2305, Priest River, ID 83856
Rotary - Newport & Priest River
  Spartan Booster Club Program 5/1
  • Senior graduating from PRLHS
  • Must be a senior participating in athletics
  • Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Must have displayed above average qualities in leadership, character and school services while in high school
  • Mail completed application to: PO Box 751, Priest River, ID 83856
Spartan Adult Booster Club
  West Bonner County Education Association (WBCEA) 5/1
  • Applicant must be sponsored/recommended by a teacher
  • Submit completed application to Karen Craner, c/o PRLHS, 596 Hwy 57, Priest River, ID 83856
  PEO Sisterhood
  • Mail completed application to PO Box 816, Priest River, ID 83856

Cover Letter



  Little Rascals Youth Star Scholarship 5/15
  • Must have participated in sports either in high school or a youth sports program
  • GPA minimum of 2.0
  • Above average qualities in leadership, character, and school service while in high school
Little Rascals
  Stoneridge Golf Club 5/15
  • Senior in high school
  • Have an active interest in golf as a sport and as a leisure activity and/or participate on the school's golf team
  • Preference will be given to students who have partipated in volunteer events at Stone Ridge or been emplyed by Stoneridge
  Leo's Club 5/15
  • Applicant must have demonstrated involvement and promotion of community events
  • Submit completed application to: PO Box 818, Priest River, ID 83856
  Merritt Brothers Lumber Company 5/16
  • Available to any student who plans to continue their education or vocational training up on graduation
Merritt Brothers
  Aerocet Scholarship 5/22
  • Please see scholarship link
Aerocet Scholarship
  Racine Olson Injury Scholarship 5/31
  • You or a parent must have been victim of a personal injury accident
  • Funds will be sent directly to the college you'll be attending
  • Scholarship is a one-time award of $500
  • Scholarship is due by May 31, 2016
  • Winner will be announced on July 8th, 2016.
  Idaho Professional-Techinical Foundation - Tools for Trade 5/31
  • Resident of Idaho
  • Maintained a 2.5 GPA or better during the previous two years of school
  • Enroll as a full time student as an approved Idaho school
  Abbott & Fenner 6/15
  • The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution.
Abbott & Fenner
  National Association for the Education of Homeless Children & Youth Scholarship 6/16
  • A completed application form;
  • An essay about the impact of homelessness on the their lives and their desire to attend college (500-1,000 words - see application for a description of homelessness)
  • An official or unofficial school transcript, include class ranking if available; and
  • A minimum of one letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or other adult who can speak to the applicant’s qualifications and experiences

(App available Dec. 1st)

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