Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while still satisfying high school graduation requirements.  Students can enroll in Dual Credit courses once they reach age 16.  When students begin Dual Credit, they are considered college students and are registering for college classes.  They must apply to the college where they wish to take Dual Credit courses.  For this reason it is very important that students and parents consider carefully the ramifications of taking Dual Credit courses.  Some things to consider:

  1. Your student will receive a permanent college transcript for those courses and their college and high school GPA will be affected.
  2. Their ability to receive financial aid could be affected based on their college GPA.
  3. Students are on their own and must advocate fully for themselves with college professors – professors are not allowed to talk to parents about student grades due to FERPA regulations.
  4. If students fail a college course they will be put on academic probation and cannot register for courses the following semester.
  5. Attendance is crucial!  Missing even one day of class can set a student behind considerably.

Ways to register for Dual Credit courses include:

  • In the High School: This year PRLHS is offering these Dual Credit courses: English 101, English 175, and  Sociology 101 (second semester).  Students who take Dual Credit courses IN the High School are still required to apply and register at the college.  Even though this class may appear on their school schedule, if they are not registered with the college then they will NOT receive college credit. 
  • On line:  Students may register for college courses from any college that offers dual credit and use the PRLHS computer  to access their on line college course.  Registration for on line college courses must be completed the Semester PRIOR to when you will be taking the course; On line college courses fill up FAST!
  • At the college campus: Students may drive to the college campus and take college courses AT the campus.
Qualifying for Dual Credit

Students interested in Dual Credit must first meet minimum requirements by completing the COMPASS exam.  Students can take the COMPASS at either NIC in CDA or in Sandpoint.  Their score report is generated immediately upon completion of the test, and a copy MUST be brought to the PRLHS Counselor in order to register for Dual Credit. See (here) for minimum score requirements for English and Math.

To register for the Compass at NIC in Coeur d'Alene click here

To register for the Compass in Sandpoint click here

Transferring Dual Credits to Other Colleges

Most Dual Credit courses are transferrable to any college in the State of Idaho.  It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they are taking courses that will transfer to the college or program of study they will pursue after high school graduation.  Students should check the website of their future desired college and see what the course requirements are for their desired program of study.  The High School Counselor is not responsible for ensuring that Dual Credit courses will transfer.  Questions regarding transferrable courses should be directed to the NIC Dual Credit Specialist or the admissions office at the college you will be attending after high school.

If you are pursuing an Associates of Arts, Associates of Science, or Associates of Applied Science at NIC, see the worksheets below to see what courses are required:


Check out http://idtransfer.org/  to see how classes with transfer in Idaho!

Paying for Dual Credit

Dual Credit college courses cost $65 per credit.  Most college courses are 2 to 4 credits, which means you will be charged up to $260 for that college course.  $65 per credit is a reduced amount from the minimum $136 per credit (depending on which college you will be attending) for non-Dual Credit students.  Taking college courses while still in high school is a great way to save money on your college education!

~Students and families are responsible for all costs of books and lab fees for Dual Credit courses~

The State of Idaho recently passed a bill that gives each Idaho student $4125 towards Dual Credit costs; the program is called Fast Forward.  Under this program students may register for college courses and they will still incur a bill from the college.  You must go to the State Department of Idaho website to have your student create an account and request funding.  You must request funding FOR EACH COLLEGE COURSE your student registers for.  The State will then pay the college directly for your Dual Credit costs.

*Please note the State will not cover costs for students under the age of 16 unless they do the college classes at the High School

Students must TRACK THEIR OWN REIMBURSEMENT STATUS.  District personnel are not responsible for ensuring reimbursement from the state.  For more information or to apply for funding go tohttp://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/advancedOpp/


NIC Steps to Admission

Dual Credit Authorization

Residency Form

Advanced Opportunities Brochure

Fast Forward Participation Form 

NIC Dual Credit

Marcy Hoggatt

Dual Credit Specialist -
Dual Credit Program

Office: Lee-Kildow Hall 101
Phone: (208) 769-3321 / (208) 625-2329
E-mail: [email protected]

Prior to registering for ANY Dual Credit course it is imperative that students meet with the PRLHS Counselor!!


Any college course that is NOT taken AT PRLHS is NOT automatically put on the high school transcript!! Students must provide the counselor a copy of their initial registration showing which courses they are registered for, as well as their final COLLEGE transcript so that those courses will be placed on their high school transcript and counted towards meeting their high school graduation requirements.


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